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Ars: Pedri speeds up recovery process in bid to return on October 22 due to De Jong injury


Sep 26, 2023 #football

De Jong suffered an injury against Celta on Saturday which will keep him out of action for at least six weeks, which according to As, will force Pedri to speed up the recovery process.

The report claims that the midfielder will recover to play against Athletic Bilbao on October 22 so that he can take part in training and play a few minutes of the game before the match.

Pedri tore the rectus femoris muscle in his right leg on Aug. 24 and he is expected to be out for about two months. This type of injury is nothing new for the Spanish international: he suffered the same misfortune last year, and even worse, he was out of action for almost two and a half months at the time.

However, an official statement from the club says that Pedri is feeling much better as this new injury is less serious. As a result, he will be stepping up his rehab during national team matchdays in order to be at 100% by the time he resumes league play in mid-October.

Pedri’s return is crucial for Xavi, especially after De Jong’s injury, which left him with a serious right ankle injury and essentially out of the running for the national derby at the end of October. In a best-case scenario, De Jong is expected to play against the Miners on November 7th. If this news is confirmed, the midfielder will miss a total of eight games.

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