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Harland had 2 shots, 1 goal, 27 touches, 5 successes against, and a 7.2 rating for the game.


Sep 26, 2023 #football, #Harland

In the 6th round of the English Premier League, Manchester City won 2-0 at home against Nottingham Forest, and City striker Harland played the whole game on his debut and scored a goal.

The following are Harland’s statistics for the game:

Playing time: played the whole game

Goals: 1

Touches: 27

Shots on goal: 2

Shots on target: 1

Missed Chances: 1

Passing success rate: 64% (9/14)

Confrontations: 9, successful 5 times

Loss of possession: 9 times

Fouls: 1

Fouls made: 3 times

Saved: 1 time

sofascore rating: 7.2 points

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