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Sears: I’m excited about Prosper’s all-around ability to be an immediate 3-D


Sep 26, 2023 #basketball

Maverick affiliate head coach Jordan Sears spoke with the media about Maverick rookie Olivier Maxence Prosper.

Jordan Sears is the head coach of the Maverick-affiliated team, the Texas Legends, and also has roles in the Maverick’s video crew and player development department.

“I’m excited about Olivier Maxence-Prosper’s versatility on both offense and defense.” Jordan Sears said in an interview.

“Olivier Maxence-Prosper has a 6-foot-8 frame, 7-foot-1 arm and 8-foot-8 touch, and he can defend all positions.”

“Also, he is a very focused player. We think he can be a 3-D type of player right away, where he can find position, wait for a pass from a teammate and then take a shot, and then he’ll make a great play on the defensive end.”

“I think those are definitely things that we can go into the season and look forward to because he’s able to hit shots right now at a high level of efficiency, but also he can defend from the one to the four, and he’s already witnessed what he can do in those areas. He’s able to use his height and arm strength to create an advantage, he moves great on the defensive end, and he’s able to play defense while avoiding fouls.”

Olivier Maxence Prosper is this year’s No. 24 overall pick

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