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Amrabat: I’m willing to play any position the coach needs me, even goalkeeper


Sep 27, 2023 #football

In an EFL Cup match, Manchester United defeated Crystal Palace by 3-0. After the match, Manchester United player Amrabat was interviewed.

Amrabat said in the interview “I think it was a perfect night, we played well and the most important thing is to win 3-0. I played for an hour so I think it was a perfect night.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kid, my whole career, my whole life I’ve been trying to play soccer just for this and it’s fantastic to play here. It’s a Tuesday but the stadium was full, fantastic.

“I told the coach I would play any position he needed me to play, any position the team needed me to play, even goalkeeper. I’ll play where I can help the team, today I was at left-back but I had a little bit of freedom to play in midfield which was great.

“I like to touch the ball and I like to control the ball. I’m not a left-back who will play on the touchline and I try to give the team extra options. I’ll play where the team needs me, but I prefer to play in midfield, but if it’s left back, it’s left back.”

“I’m not in the best shape at the moment because I haven’t had any systematic pre-season training and I’ve got a bit of an injury. In the last two or three weeks I have trained very hard to be 100% but I need to play in games. If you play in competitions, you get stronger and better.

“It hasn’t been an easy time, but Manchester United are obviously a great club. The intensity of the games is high but we want to win and we will work very hard to win and bring more to the fans.”

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