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Milik on scoring: when the coach gives me a chance, I have to make the most of it


Sep 27, 2023 #football

Juventus beat Lecce 1-0 in the Serie A match that ended earlier and after the match, Milik admitted in an

interview with DAZN that the Zebras could have played better. But his first goal of the season was a real confidence booster for him, and he said he would make the most of the time given by his coach.

The game was a tough one for Juve, and the home fans booed when there was no goal at the half-time break. Milik’s goal eventually helped Juve get the three points and also ended Lecce’s unbeaten run this season.

Milik told DAZN: “The goal was very important because it brought us victory. It was very important to get the three points after losing to Sassuolo and I’m also happy to score my first goal of the season because it can really boost my confidence.”

“We played a tough first half, but sometimes these games are just tough and it’s important to bring home the win. We can play better and we will play better in the future, but we can’t afford to drop points at home. I’m happy with the result of this game.”

With Juventus having no European commitments this season, there are far fewer opportunities to rotate the lineup and Milik’s playing time may be curtailed as well.

Milik said, “There is a lot of competition in the team, we have very strong strikers, but if the coach gives me 10 or 15 minutes, I have to make the most of them. I focus on myself and not on others.”

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