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Pochettino: The bosses are welcome in the dressing room, the team is theirs, they can do what they want


Sep 27, 2023 #football

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino appeared before the League Cup match against Brighton and surprisingly answered a question about the bosses going into the dressing room.

“I love it when bosses go to the dressing room. In my coaching career I have coached at Espanyol, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur and Paris Saint-Germain. I think it’s good for the bosses to come to the dressing room.

The way they approach the players is important and if they do it in a good way then they are very welcome. After my press conference after the match against Aston Villa, they came to us as usual. Also in the games against Liverpool, Luton, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa, Paul, Lawrence and Bedard came to the dressing room.

We talk about the games and I don’t see anything wrong with that. For me it’s always good if they share with us and they can say hello to the players.

If they were coming to give speeches or something, it would be different, but the way they came was of course very welcome. They own the club, they do what they want.

(They own the club, they can do whatever they want.)

We’re glad they’re coming and sharing with us – even if it’s a good thing that we won the game, but even if it’s a pain in the ass that we lost on Sunday.”

When asked if he gave a major speech to his players after Sunday’s loss

“No, but we talked a lot with the players on Monday and Tuesday. The speeches are my responsibility, only me, the players of course, the captain, but only me. It’s not the boss’s job to come into the dressing room after the game and give a speech, even if you win or lose. But they know very well what they have to do.”

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