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Reeves: we relied too much on talent to play last season and have had time to rehearse this season


Sep 27, 2023 #basketball

Lakers guard Austin Reeves was recently interviewed on a podcast.

When asked if he believes the Lakers are title contenders, Reeves said, “Yeah, I do. Like you said, we basically brought back the core lineup that went to the Western Conference Finals. You can call it luck, but after the trade deadline, I think we probably had the second or third best record in the league. Like you said LeBron (James) got hurt and we didn’t even have any time to really gel. After the trade deadline, things were just thrown out the window.

“We have so much talent, we play so much on talent, and that’s gotten us so far. I think, especially now and then it’s training camp, we’re able to have the opportunity to grow and deal with situations, like in the fourth quarter, if we have a couple bad possessions, we know exactly what we’re going to do. It’s just the little things, we’re able to have that time to learn and rehearse, and I think it’s going to take us to another level. We brought in a lot of very talented guys. I think we have the most talented roster in the league. Signed Christian Wood at base salary. Gabe (Vincent) just played in the finals. We have a lot of talented players and just using this time to build a foundation with each other will help us a lot.”

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