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In Some Respect, This is Ben Simmons’ Squad” – Spencer Dinwiddie Talks About Brooklyn Nets’ Leadership As They Eye the 2023-24 Season With Optimism


Oct 3, 2023

Dinwiddie is in his second season after being traded last year and has played with the young Nets team for a year now. Bob Lorenz from YES Network asked him,

“What are you seeing from some of. I don’t, your new teammates.”

He said,

“I mean, I think everybody is here early. I think everybody is in shape and ready to go. So we should have a fast start I think. They are going to continue to see improvement and Mikal and Cam, obviously. I have spoken about anything Nic all the time, I think Ben will lead the group, and we have a chance to do good things.”

Frank Isola also from YES Network brought the talk on Ben Simmons’, he said

“We were talking about Benny said forget about the three-point shooting, he has to be aggressive. Giannis continues to attack. Ben needs to do the same thing, he has to be willing to get to the basket and go to the free-throw line.”

Dinwiddie responded by saying,

“I think to a certain degree this is Ben’s team. Along with Mikal obviously, we go as far as he goes, if he’s aggressive and making plays, we have a chance to be good.”

As per his response, it is clear on the team’s mindset as they are going into training camp and the Nets’ ceiling with the new core.

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