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After making the Forbes 400 list, Michael Jordan celebrates by fist pumping to the Chicago Bulls theme music while enjoying bottle service.


Oct 5, 2023

More than 20 years after he retired for the last time in the NBA, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ entrance theme remains as popular. The six-time NBA champ had just arrived at an unnamed location to enjoy a bottle of wine. To honor Jordan’s arrival, someone from the restaurant’s staff played “Sirius” which had nearly everyone standing on their feet. “His Airness” relished and appreciated the gesture and raised his fist in gratitude.

The five-time NBA MVP has long retired from basketball but remains incredibly popular. He has become one of the savviest businessmen around. Jordan recently sold majority ownership of the Charlotte Hornets, which fattened his bank account by $3 billion. The deal allowed him to crack Forbes’ enviable top 400 list, which is annually released in September.

For many fans, particularly those who watched Michael Jordan in his prime, the “Eye in the Sky” of “The Alan Parsons Project” is just as iconic as the “MJ.” Announcer and DJ Tommy Edwards was the brain behind the idea of using the song to introduce Chicago Bulls players.

It was Edwards who started the trend of turning off arena lights to introduce players, especially the home team. The Bulls hoped he would be up to the task of hyping up even more the NBA’s biggest emerging star in 1984. Edwards delivered and “Sirius” became synonymous with Jordan and his dynastic Bulls teams.

In a 2019 interview with NBC News, Edwards explained how he got the idea of playing the said song for introductory Chicago Bulls games. He was in a movie theater when a light bulb flashed:

“I told [my wife] Mary Lou, ‘I know this song. It’s Sirius by the Alan Parsons Project. The more I listened to it, I’m thinking, ‘Wait a minute, this could be the Bulls’ song.”

The next day, he bought Alan Parsons Project’s sixth album and practiced his planned pre-game piece for Bulls players. Edwards’ idea was a hit. The song stuck and became one of the most played themes in the biggest NBA games.

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