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“…Don’t it here and throw hade on u Keep the ame energy for everybody,” Cowboy LB Micah Paron Send Meage to Critic


Nov 3, 2023

Despite being 4-2 through the first six weeks of the NFL season and firmly in the mix for first place in their division/conference, the Dallas Cowboys have been slandered for their sluggish performances in recent weeks. Cowboys All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons has heard all the outside noise and issued a message to those who continue to criticize him and the Cowboys.

While Parsons isn’t thrilled to hear people continue to slander his name and his team, he made it clear that he just wants those naysayers to keep that same energy for other teams, such as the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I just don’t condone the bashing of Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, and (not) have the same energy for the Eagles,” Parsons said when he discussed the matter during hisOn the Edge with Micah Parsonspodcast series.

“The Eagles were healthy. They had Jalen Hurts. They had their receiving corps… They didn’t have Lane Johnson. But does that make that much of a difference?” Parsons asked. “Because I see my quarterback… maybe not have the red zone success, but move the ball way better than the Eagles did Sunday night,” Parsons stated in his response to his own question.

That wasn’t all Parsons had to say: “We want the same energy for everybody. Because there’s a whole bunch of bashing when it’s Dak Prescott, but not the same when it’s the Eagles.”

Parsons may be right to a degree considering Prescott has been criticized more for missing a few throws during his 300-yard and two-touchdown performance onMonday Night Footballthan Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is receiving for throwing a career-high three interceptions versus the New York Jets in Week 6.

However, this is part of what comes with the territory of playing for “America’s Team.”

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