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“I feel like every game there’ more and more howing up” Lion HC Dan Campbell on how the upport of fan ha played an important role for their ucce on the road


Nov 3, 2023

The Detroit Lions have had an impressive start to the season, especially when playing on the road.

With a perfect 3-0 record away from home, the Lions have shown their ability to excel in hostile environments.

Coach Dan Campbell believes that the support of Lions fans has played a significant role in their success on the road.

During all three road games this season, Lions fans have shown immense dedication by turning out in large numbers to cheer for the team.

Dan Campbell: Every week more and more Lions fans show up at road games. https://t.co/eyU87ukvpE

— ProFootballTalk (ProFootballTalk) October 16, 2023

Whether it was at Kansas City, Green Bay, or Tampa Bay, thousands of Lions fans made their presence known, creating an atmosphere that sometimes felt like a Lions home game.

Their unwavering support has undoubtedly boosted the team’s morale and helped them overcome challenges in unfamiliar territories.

“The fans that travel with us and show up — I feel like every game there’s more and more showing up,” Campbell said. “We got into this game at the end, up two scores, and Tampa’s offense is on the field and I feel like they’re about to have to go into silent cadence at their own place. That says something about the support you have from the fans. It’s a good feeling, it’s a good vibe. The players and coaches notice it. We noticed it when we walked out today: ‘Look at all the blue.’”

This Sunday, the Lions will face yet another road test as they take on the Baltimore Ravens. The team will aim to continue their winning streak away from home and make it 4- on the road.

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