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“I think the goal need to be to limit the number of different urface” NFL Executive Jeff Miller on the Turf or Gra debate


Nov 3, 2023

The turf it or grass it playing field debate has been brought front and centre again with the NFL preferring to control the debating narrative rather than looking for a definitive solution.

The players, according to their union are almost unison in their desire for a grass surface.

The cost could be prohibitive hence the NFL postulating and stalling.

The other issue that is bothersome to the league is maintaining the fields to the highest quality, especially when the wet and cold months arrive, and they do have a point.

Broadcasters and fans pay plenty of dough to see the best plays, slickest action and avoidance of previous all turf problems.

NFL Executive Jeff Miller said as much to ESPN this week.

“I think the goal needs to be to limit the number of different surfaces that our clubs play on, so a player has an appreciation when he steps onto the field in one city that’s going to feel very similar to the surface that he steps on in a different city, so it doesn’t feel hard or soft or slick or sticky,” Miller said at the quarterly league meeting.

Miller runs the health and safety for the league as well as the PR department for the NFL so there is no debating their stance.

The discussion has been brought up now ahead of the FIFA Soccer World Cup, set to be hosted in the US in 2026.

Most stadium holders will want to keep grass and potentially host a lucrative soccer game.

It looks like the NFL is resolute about the turf war and unless the players strike, grass is up in smoke for now.

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