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“It wa a deciion, looking back on it, definitely houldn’t have made,” Giant QB Tyrod Taylor on cotly error in lo to Bill


Nov 3, 2023

The Giants are tilting and it’s not a pretty sight in New York at the moment.

The latest setback came in their narrow 9-14 loss to the Bills in week 6, with quarterback Tyrod Taylor taking ownership for a mistake that potentially cost the team the win and a chance to move to 2-4.

Twice the Giants were on the Bills 1 yard line and failed to pick up points. The most one came just before half-time where field goal would have sent them 9-0 at the break.

A touchdown on either play could have seen them win away to a 4-2 Bills team.

“Yeah, it was a decision, looking back on it, definitely shouldn’t have made,” the veteran QB said after the game.

“(Was) Alerted to a run, thought I saw a look that was beneficial for us, and it wasn’t the right call. That falls on me, as a quarterback, as a leader, as the one that’s communicating everything to everyone — got to be better in that situation.”

The QB has played for six franchises, including at the Bills, Raves, Browns, Chargers and Texans.

The 180th overall pick in 2011 has had a 12-year career in the NFL and is a Superbowl winner.

Head coach Brian Daboll was not happy and said after the game, “Had a play called, it was a run action pass play and ended up alerting it to a run. Didn’t get it off.”

The play may not have come off, but the team must shake the mistake and loss off as they face a must win divisional clash against the 3-3 Commanders in week 7.

The Giants are in one of the toughest conferences with the NFC East boasting the likes of the 5-1 Eagles and the exciting Dallas Cowboys.

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