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Breaking Survey Sugget Viewer Aren’t Thrilled with Pat McAfee’ Preence on College GameDay


Nov 4, 2023

Pat McAfee has taken the media world by storm since he retired from the NFL. McAfee parlayed his NFL connections/experiences with his well-spoken and outspoken personality to become one of the most well-known American sports analysts in the country.

While McAfee has won over many people with his charisma and sense of humor, there are also critics out there who wouldn’t mind seeing less of McAfee.

The Athletic recently conducted a survey of its readers regarding the way they consume college football. In that survey, viewers were asked to share their thoughts on McAfee and his presence on College GameDay.

The results of the survey speak volumes. 48.9 percent of those who participated in the survey stated they don’t like McAfee on College GameDay. As a result of the survey, it has been made clear that the average viewer prefers to exclude McAfee from College GameDay.

One reader from The Athletic went as far as saying: “I don’t watch Gameday anymore solely because of Pat McAfee.”

It’s not a good sign that viewers are actively going out of their way to stop watching College GameDay because of McAfee. But is the sample size large enough to make ESPN consider removing him from the broadcast?

Whether viewers like it or not, McAfee is going to be a big part of ESPN’s plans for the foreseeable future. He recently signed a five-year, $85 million contract to leave FanDuel Sportsbook and become a part of ESPN.

With that said, that doesn’t give McAfee immunity. He must be willing to adapt and be open to criticism if he wants to succeed at ESPN as a media member.

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