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I’m o frutrated eeing what thi club tand for


Nov 4, 2023

Erik ten Hag

Former Premier League forward Clinton Morrison said he would have loved the opportunity to play for Manchester United and is “frustrated” watching their current crop of players.

After watching their heavy defeat to Newcastle in the Carabao Cup, Morrison said some of Erik ten Hags players “don’t know what it means” to represent the club.

He told the Football Daily podcast: “I’m so frustrated. When I’m watching I am thinking, Come on, give these fans something to shout about. It was just lacklustre.

“Even the subs that came on, you’re thinking go and chase the lost cause, make a tackle and get the crowd going or get a ball into the box. When the crosses are coming in there is no centre forward in the box. It’s pure frustration.

“I would have loved to play for a club like Manchester United. Some players don’t know what it means to play for them. Ten Hag is under pressure. The second half performance against Man City was nowhere near it. He made some strange substitutions and tactically I thought he got it wrong.

“There are a lot of question marks over him at the moment and his group of players because that doesn’t look like the team I saw last season doing so well. They are nowhere near it at the moment.

“Even when they played Brentford they were lucky. I’m so frustrated as an ex-player seeing what this club stands for and the players that have put on the jersey and the level you have to be at. Some of these players are not at that level at the moment.”

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