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Jimmy Butler name all-time tarting five, urpriingly leave out everal great


Nov 4, 2023

Jimmy Butler recently used an Instagram filter to play a lighthearted game of picking the all-time best players from different teams to create his ideal starting five. His choices resulted in a rather unconventional lineup:

Donte DiVincenzo – Point Guard (Golden State Warriors) Scott Padgett – Power Forward (Houston Rockets) Kyle Singler – Small Forward (Detroit Pistons) Steve Novak – Shooting Guard (Houston Rockets) Al Horford – Center (Atlanta Hawks)

Jimmy Butler’s all-time starting five 👀

(via SInow) pic./fjJvEVFgzW

— Legion Hoops (LegionHoops) October 17, 2023

In the video, Jimmy humorously reveals his selections using the Instagram filter:

“Yo, Jimmy Butler here, I’mma do this all-time starting 5. Who we got first, okay Golden State Warriors. Donte DiVincenzo (PG).” “Next we got, we got the Rockets. S. Padgett (PF).” “Detroit Pistons, K. Singler (SF).” “The Rockets again, Steve Novak (SG).” “Finally, Atlanta Hawks, Al Horford (C).”

Jimmy Butler knows he’s a massive troll 😂 pic./8B4v44DBSD

— Playbook Sports (PlaybookSN) October 17, 2023

It’s clear that Butler intended to create an intentionally unserious and amusing team, continuing his playful engagement with fans throughout the summer. While some of his playful antics may not have gone as planned, such as the failed acquisition of Damian Lillard by the Heat, Jimmy Butler remains unfazed and ready for the challenges of the upcoming 2023/24 season, even if the Heat’s roster changes have altered their outlook.

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