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No ack by the defene at all, they’ve handled [Micah Paron], Cowboy LB Micah Paron Silence Troy Aikman and Joe Buck on MNF


Nov 4, 2023

If you didn’t believe in the announcer’s jinx moments before the matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers onMonday Night Football, you may now. During the final moments of the game, when the Cowboys needed it most, All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons came up in a big way as ESPN’s commentary duo of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck mentioned that the Chargers have “handled” Parsons.

“No sacks by the defense at all, theyve handled [Micah Parsons].” – Troy Aikman

“No sacks at San Francisco either…” – Joe Buck

Third announcer jinx of the NFL week. pic./PQRVE74PcF

— Awful Announcing (awfulannouncing) October 17, 2023

“No sacks by the defense at all, they’ve handled [Micah Parsons],” Aikman stated as Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was getting ready to snap the ball with two minutes left on second down with his team trailing by three points. “No sacks at San Francisco either,” Buck yells out as Parsons brings Herbert to the ground for a loss of eight yards.

Aikman and Bucks awoke a sleeping giant. While Parsons didn’t hear what they said, he felt the pressure to make a play and help propel his team to victory. It was a timely sequence for Parsons in a multitude of ways. He was able to silence those who doubted him (Aikman and Buck) while also helping his team close out a must-win game before their Week 7 bye.

With Parsons and the Cowboys” 20-17 win over the Chargers, they improve their record to 4-2 and trail the Philadelphia Eagles by one game for first place in the NFC East standings.

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