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Lille fan banned from going to Mareille after bu attack


Nov 6, 2023


French club Lille said on Friday that their fans had been banned from travelling to Marseille this weekend, due to fears of crowd trouble after hooligans forced last weeks match between Marseille and Lyon to be abandoned.

“If the authorities finally decided this morning that they would not be able to guarantee the safety of the 250 Lille supporters who had planned to travel to Marseille, Lille must take note of the decision to protect its supporters from any potential trouble,” said Lille in a statement.

Marseille host Lille on Saturday evening at Stade Velodrome, but last Sundays game at the same venue between Marseille and Lyon — two of the countrys most successful clubs — had to be abandoned after some of the worst soccer violence in France in recent years.

Lyons team bus was pelted with stones, injuring coach Fabio Grosso. Photos of Grosso, a 2006 World Cup winner with Italy, with blood on his face made the front page of sports paper LEquipe, accompanied by the headline Disgusting and Shameful.

Fabio Grosso carries visible scars from the fan violence that took place ahead of Lyons game at Marseille. Getty

“Sunday was a very sad day for sport. You cant put peoples lives at risk for sport,” Grosso told reporters.

“Im not the most important here, there were 40 of us on the bus, it could have been anyone else. The supporters buses were also targeted. And I might not have been there to tell you about it.”

Grosso said he was physically weak at the start of the week but felt like a volcano on the inside.

“I wish my face hadnt gone around the world, I wish no face did. It must never happen,” he added.

“We passed a place where there were a lot of stones on the side of the road because of road works and thats not normal. Removing fans from the stadium wont solve the problem. Its by improving safety.”

Lyon fans were meanwhile televised making Nazi salutes at the game. Both Marseille and Lyon condemned the hooligan elements among their supporters.

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