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Viral Charger Fan’ Loyalty Quetioned After Viking Jerey Revelation


Nov 7, 2023

The biggest storyline from the game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys on ESPN’s Monday Night Footballmay not be the outcome of the game. Instead, it’s a woman who was identified during the game as a heavily invested Chargers fan.

The camera was showing her during the broadcast on numerous occasions. Whether she was celebrating, anxious, or frustrated, fans at home could feel her raw emotion through the television. That woman is Merrianne Do, who has gone viral since.

Since the game, she’s made appearances on thePat McAfee Show as well as NFL Network to discuss the matter. However, Do’s time in the spotlight hasn’t been as smooth as some may think.

Her loyalty to the Chargers has been in question after a photo of her in a Minnesota Vikings jersey and purple face paint surfaced. That doesn’t come without reason: Do grew up in Minnesota and as a result she rooted for the Vikings.

Now, she lives with her family in California, where she’s a Chargers season ticket holder. Social media has not been kind to Do after discovering that she has ties to the Vikings in addition to the Chargers.

Do hasn’t let the outside noise phase her. She admitted to TMZthat she is still a fan of the Vikings despite her position as a season ticket holder and support for the Chargers.

So what if she roots for multiple NFL teams? Why does that bother so many people? It’s not like the Chargers and Vikings are long-time divisional rivals. They play in opposing conferences and see each other once every four years at most (barring a Super Bowl matchup).

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