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Bill Belichick avoid quetion about job ecurity with Patriot at 2-7 Going to control what I can control


Nov 8, 2023

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may have brought six Super Bowl rings to the franchise, but that doesnt completely shield him from criticism. Belichick was asked about his job security after the Patriots fell to the

Washington Commanders in Week 9.With the loss, New England now sits at 2-7 and holds the No. 5 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. That resulted in questions about Belichicks future with the Patriots.

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Belichick, 71, generally avoided those questions following Sundays game, saying he would “control what I can control

” moving forward, per masslive.com.“My focus is on getting ready for the Colts,” Belichick replied.He was then asked if he personally believes he could be coaching for his job against Indianapolis this weekend in Germany.

“I’m going to control what I can control and I’m going to get ready for the Colts,” Belichick said.Belichick did admit to being “frustrated” with the teams performance. When asked whether he believed Patriots owner Robert Kraft was disappointed with the teams record, Belichick said he wouldnt speak for Kraft, but that “everyones frustrated.”

Will the Patriots fire Bill Belichick?Questions about Belichicks future with the Patriots are valid considering the teams struggles, but also feel silly considering hes arguably the greatest coach in NFL history. In 24 seasons as the Patriots head coach, Belichick has a 264-115 record and six Super Bowl titles. Hes led the team to 30 playoff victories over that period. And has put up a record below .500 just three times. Hes a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame the moment hes eligible.

Recent success is weighed more heavily in coaching decisions, however, and its true that Belichick is 27-32 since Tom Brady left the Patriots. Belichick did manage to lead the Patriots to the playoffs in 2021 without Brady, but thats still a pretty steep drop compared to the way the team performed at the height of its power.

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