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“You Thought You Had It” Stephen A Smith Mock Cowboy After Lo to Eagle


Nov 8, 2023

Anytime the Dallas Cowboys, also known as “America’s Team,” loses, it creates an aftermath like few others do in the NFL. The Cowboys losses are always shined under a different and brighter light than the average NFL team thanks to their nationwide recognition.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is one of the many who jump to social media to celebrate when the Cowboys lose and has become known for sharing his reaction with the world following a Cowboys loss and his reaction after their Week 9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was priceless.

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How Bout Dem Cowboys pic./dW9EIdT9c4— Stephen A Smith (stephenasmith) November 6, 2023“I know that they didn’t want to see this video of me right now. And that’s why I made it,” Smith said.

“I know y’all thought y’all had it, didn’t you? You thought you had it,” Smith taunts Cowboys fans regarding their 28-23 loss to the Eagles. The loss brings the Cowboys to 5-3 while the Eagles improve to 8-1, creating a two-and-a-half game gap in the divisional standings, which Smith made sure to point out in his video: “You lost the game and as a result in all likelihood, you lost the division crown.

Smith made it known that he tried to issue several warnings to Cowboys fans over the years to give up hope because they continuously find ways to disappoint the fanbase, but the fans have refused to listen. “Didn’t I tell you? I know I told you, how many times? But you wouldn’t listen. You will now, won’t you?”

And if any Cowboys fans still haven’t gotten Smith’s memo, he will be discussing it during his segment on ESPN’s

First Take: And just in case you don’t, see you on First Take tomorrow morning.”The Cowboys will have a chance to cut the Eagles divisional lead to two games when they host the New York Giants in Week 10 while the Eagles have their bye.

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