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Jet QB Aaron Rodger Share Optimitic Outlook on Hi Seaon Return – “The goal for me i to come back thi year”


Nov 10, 2023

One of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, suffered from an Achilles injury that cut short his season. However, even after sustaining the injury, he promises the supporters positive news regarding his comeback.

Speaking to NBC at the Breeders Cup, Aaron Rodgers discusses the status of his rehab efforts. https://t.co/bLDTrnMuuP

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— ProFootballTalk (ProFootballTalk) November 5, 2023Rodgers, with all his strength, is now recovering from the injury and was seen at the Breeder”s Cup, which took place on Saturday. According to NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk, Rodgers, regarding his comeback, shared, “I’m feeling good,”

“I do rehab every single day. This is part of my rehab, walking down to the betting window over here to grab some food or drink, which my trainers will be happy with that. I’m trying to put my leg up as much as I can. I’ve got my dad shoes on, my rockers, so I can walk without any pain. But it’s a process. Step by step. Day by day. There’s some great days, some rough days.”

“But the goal for me is to come back this year. It’s got to be, otherwise I think it’d be a lot of rehab and pain. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got to hit some markers before that. I’ve got to be able to move around. I’ve got to be able to avoid putting myself in harm’s way.”

“But the team’s been playing good. Proud of Zach [Wilson]. Proud of the boys. We’re 4-3. We’ve got a big one on Monday night, and one coming up on NBC [against the Raiders] the following week. So excited to head back there tomorrow and see the fellas, cheer on a win, and keep getting better.”

Nevertheless, the quarterback is still in his phase of recovery and with time, more clarity will be gained as to when the top-notch player will once again return to the gridiron with his squad.

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