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NFL RedZone’ Witching Hour Take Center Stage with Thrilling Week 9 Moment


Nov 10, 2023

The success of “NFL RedZone” has been tremendous and it surely provides the fans with drama and exhilarating games, including the most eye-catching moments of the games. However, once again, RedZone has displayed that they are still dominant in the area.

The Week 9 games were interesting and in the later slot, the Minnesota Vikings took on the Atlanta Falcons. The game began to get attention-seeking when Jaren Hall suffered an injury and in his place came Joshua Dobbs and subsequently, the Vikings won.

The coverage was incredibly given by the NFL RedZone. It was during RedZone’s infamous “Witching Hour,” which commenced in the fourth quarter. During this period, four of nine stunning touchdowns took place.

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It’s really just hitting me now – what a great Witching Hour that was today. #NFLRedZone— Scott Hanson (ScottHanson)

November 6, 2023The segment “When Wins Become Losses, and Losses Become Wins,” hosted by Scott Hanson, has become an integral component of the program. Hanson also took to social media and said, “It’s really just hitting me now,”

“What a great Witching Hour that was today.”We’ve never had a moment like that in our 15 seasons on RZ.

Both Defenses could’ve ended the game – – both QB’s willed their teams to 1st Downs. Wow!! https://t.co/SqvU4o58mj

— Scott Hanson (ScottHanson) November 6, 2023All the great moments from the recent games were captured by fans through NFL RedZone. Atlanta Falcons against Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers against Houston Texans both had surprising ends and the supporters enjoyed it all.

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