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Sean McDermott on whether there’ conideration to a change in Ken Dorey’ tatu “No”


Nov 10, 2023

Matt Canada has company.Joining the Steelers offensive coordinator as someone Pittsburgh fans want out, more and more Bills fans want Buffalo offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey to be gone. “Fire Dorsey,” for example, was trending on /X today.

Meeting with reporters on Monday, head coach Sean McDermott was asked whether any consideration is being given to a possible change in Dorsey’s status. Said McDermott, “

No.”But Dorsey, given that McDermott isn’t an offensive head coach, is the guy ultimately responsible for the offense. And the offense isn’t working. It relies too much on Josh Allen to do Josh Allen things. There’s no rhythm, no identity, no flow.

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With former offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, it worked well enough for him to become a head coach. With Dorsey, it has fallen off. Through a season and a half, he’s not getting it done — especially with a talent like Allen running the show.

Too many coaches with truly great quarterbacks fail to fully and completely scheme an offense, because they believe the great player will run around and make something happen. The challenge is to pair the great quarterback with a great scheme that keeps opposing defenses constantly on their heels.

Dorsey separately met with reporters on Monday. Here’s the full session. There were plenty of good questions. There weren’t many answers that will make fans think anything is going to be any better, any time soon.

One change that won’t happen (apparently) is the adjustment the Steelers made with Canada, by bringing him from the booth to the sideline. Dorsey said that hasn’t been discussed.

Plenty of Bills fans would currently be in favor of moving him from the booth to completely out of the stadium.

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