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“We’ll work through everything We’ll look at everything” New England Patriot Face Quarterback problem After 6-10 Lo to Colt in Germany


Nov 16, 2023

The New England Patriots are struggling this season, as has been evident and they also lost their game 6-10 against the Indianapolis Colts, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Patriots are in muddy waters during this current season with a score of 2-8 and now they have another uncertainty at their hands, which consists of a starting quarterback.

After suffering Sunday’s loss against the Colts, the head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick, has not yet revealed who their starting quarterback will be for the upcoming games.

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Before the last play in the lost game, the quarterback, Mac Jones, was extracted by Belichick. Then it was Bailey Zappe who threw an interception. Jones, however, has not been able to play up to his mark and has performed stagnantly throughout the season.

The head coach, Belichick, has also revealed that the team is considering all other options before making any further decisions. According to Pro Football Talk, Belichick shared at the press conference, “We just got back from Germany,”

“We’ll work through everything. We’ll look at everything, all the way across the board. Not specifically one position, but just look at everything and do the best we can here going forward.”

Bill Belichick: Well look at everything across the board. DdClRKDsm2— ProFootballTalk (ProFootballTalk)

November 13, 2023With the way the Patriots are looking at the season and their future, some major changes can be expected. However, changing the quarterback will be the move the team will commence their changes with.

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