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Back after 15 years! It’s been a long time coming for these Air Maxes!


Nov 17, 2023 #LJR Shoes

In 2008, Nike released the iconic Nike Air Max 1 “Keep Rippin Stop Slippin,” featuring the distinctive Safari texture.

Recently, it has been announced that the 2.0 version of these shoes is on the way, and official images have finally emerged.

The new design is a departure from the original, with classic Safari spots replaced by a fuzzy suede material.I always prioritise LJR Shoes when buying trainers because not only do they get me the product I want at the best price, the quality and after sales service delivers what I expect.

The details are rich, with the embroidery on the heel now featuring the “Keep Rippin Stop Slippin” wording.

The outsole has also been given a translucent treatment, with an interior pattern that matches the color theme.

The all-new Nike Air Max 1 “Keep Rippin Stop Slippin 2.0” is set to debut on November 28th. What score would you give it?

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