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Jet hold player-only meeting Tueday


Nov 20, 2023

The Jets have a league-low eight offensive touchdowns in nine games this season. They have none the past two games, both losses.

The Jets called a players-only meeting Tuesday, the team’s off day, to talk about it.“The guys talked

, and we had the floor,” wide receiver Garrett Wilson said during his weekly appearance on ESPN New York radio, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “It was just us. We got to make sure we’re all on the same page about where we’re at and how the hell we get out of this funk, man. That was really the message. When it comes from one of your teammates, it always hits different. It always resonates a little bit more.”

Jets coach Robert Saleh acknowledged Monday that changes were needed, but those changes won’t include replacing quarterback Zach Wilson or offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Wilson’s 74.6 passer rating ranks 30th in the NFL as he has thrown five touchdowns and six interceptions.

The only change so far is the release of running back Michael Carter.Garrett Wilson said the players are “truly sorry about the product we’ve put on the field offensively this season to this point.”

Starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to talk about coming back this season, but if the Jets are out of it, what’s the point?

The players thus are hoping the team meeting can pull them out of their funk and back into the race.“We don’t want to finish the season and look back like we should’ve done this earlier . . . so let’s talk about it now,” Garrett Wilson said. “Hopefully, it leads to results, but the reality of us doing that and doing the right thing as far as calling a players-only meeting and talking, it doesn’t guarantee anything. We still have to go out and do it, but we’re taking the right steps and we’re turning over every stone because it matters to us.”

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